Community reviews from the people who know best: The people who live here.

If you’re looking for retirement community reviews, our residents are the perfect people to ask. They shopped around just like you, and now can give you an insider’s perspective on what moved them to move—and why they’re so happy to stay.

“We only considered three places in Richmond. We came here because it seemed that Westminster Canterbury Richmond was flexible with its programs. It just seemed to be more responsive to the general idea of a person retiring and being productive. I’m very involved in computer technology. The community had a room dedicated to computers – the other communities did not. They had no particular recognition of computers being part of retirement. When I got here, I started a group called Westminster Computer Users informally. We had so many people show up that we had people standing and sitting on the floor. That made me think that Westminster Canterbury Richmond was innovative, and they even stepped up and supported what I was doing.”

– Meredith House

“My wife and I moved in at age 68. We found it perfect for us. About 60 members of our church moved here. It gave us a sense of continuity. Our apartment has a vista—and it’s so green. We have underground parking, which the other community did not offer. The beautiful theater is exquisite. It is a privilege to have that available to us. Because of grants and donations, we don’t have to pay for any of the performances. The fact that we have more residents here also allows us to have more dining options. It was more affordable compared to the other community we looked at. The pluses just kept adding up.”

– Randy Smith

“Growing older can be a time of discovery. Our pastoral care team opens doors for us that we have not yet opened: by helping us to find a new depth in worship; by letting us learn about prayer, even if we still stumble in learning the language; by bringing us to the holy companionship of folk at worship day by day. Spiritual nurture is one way to describe these things. For me, they are discoveries only the old can make because it has taken us this long to be ready.”

– Dr. J.A. Mackenzie

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