Talking to a Loved One About Senior Living

Let us help guide you through your conversation and towards a plan you’ll all feel better about.

Here are some pointers and situations you can anticipate in a conversation with your loved one so that you’ll feel better prepared, and on a path towards a mutually agreeable approach and solution.

Frame the conversation in a positive way.

We plan our careers, where we will live, where we will get our education, so this conversation should be a natural part of making this important life decision. Now is the time to discuss your future health care plans.

We often hear, “I don’t want to be a burden to my children.” Having this conversation will avoid burdens in the future.

Expect them to say, “I’m not ready yet.”

Too often, being “ready” means after a fall, a hospitalization or some other event that signals trouble ahead. That’s why being ready means being prepared in advance.

That’s especially important if they want the lifelong security of Life Care with its protection from the rising cost of long-term care. Once they need Assisted Living or Skilled Nursing, they may not qualify.

If they say, “I don’t want to go to a ‘nursing home.’”

They may have an outdated idea of what a retirement community is like. Bring them here to share a meal, take a tour and talk with our residents. Often, a reality check helps dispel their hesitations.

If they say, “We can’t afford it.” 

Look at their actual expenses today living at home: maintenance and repairs, property taxes, insurance, food, utilities and other household expenses. Use our easy online cost of living calculator. Compare their actual costs to everything included in our services and amenities. Most families find that it really is affordable.

If they’re worried about spending down their assets.

Remind them that various options with refunds are offered, so their assets are not spent down— they’re preserved for the family. Plus, a portion of the fees is deductible from Federal income tax. Your financial advisor can advise you, and we can provide details.

Remind them, too, that the fastest way to spend down a life savings is to wait until a health crisis strikes, forcing you to pay prevailing rates for the care they need.

If the idea of moving just seems too daunting.

Reassure them that our move-in program gives them turnkey services for downsizing, packing, moving and unpacking. We do the work for them. Call 877-277-9908 for details.

Remember, we’re here to help. Call 877-277-9908.

Start the conversation with us before you speak to your loved one. We can advise you on the most constructive ways to broach this sensitive subject and give you the facts, so you can have a meaningful dialogue.