Spiritual Retirement Community

As a faith-based community we believe that in order to Live Life Well, spiritual growth and connection are imperative.

Vibrant Pastoral Care programming has been part of Westminster Canterbury Richmond since we opened our doors in 1975. This tradition continues through worship, education and spiritual exploration. Our weekly schedule includes study and prayer, respectful of many faith traditions. We offer services in our chapel surrounded by glorious stained glass windows, as well as small Bible study groups that gather around campus. Lectures and interfaith series, social gatherings and workshops are held regularly, bringing local and national speakers to our community to challenge us to grow in faith and in connection with those around you.

Our regular weekly services are broadcast live on our in-house television station to ensure all residents can experience the joy and comfort worship provides. Our large Pastoral Care team includes full and part-time chaplains and interns to serve you. More than 100 Pastoral Care resident volunteers share their time and their talent to enhance our faith-based activities every week. Glance through our Cultural and Educational Booklet to learn about the special Pastoral Care programs and events that are planned for the coming season.

For more information about our various wellsprings of spiritual nourishment, click here to contact us now or call 877-277-9908. We also invite you to Schedule a Tour and explore our Photo Gallery and Testimonials!

Construction is complete and our Spiritual Center is open. Click here to enjoy our Service of Dedication.